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This project is the first of its kind for the Isle of Man, and we've released the source code for both the website and mobile app under the GPL v3 license.

You can get the source from GitHub.

If you'd like to contribute patches or add additional functionality to either the web or mobile app, just fork the project on GitHub and send us a pull request and we can merge the changes back.

The database is available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License.

Accessing the Database/API

Anything that can talk HTTP can access the database and query its data. CouchDB is a document-oriented datastore which operates entirely via HTTP, so accessing and querying data is as simple as making a GET request:

Using cURL you can access the database with:

curl -X GET

You can retrieve all reviewed records (limited to first 5):

curl -X GET

Retrieve a specific record:

curl -X GET

Get a record's photo (do this in your browser):

Perform geospatial queries:

curl -X GET,-4.677257921875025,54.23122316732083,-4.347668078125025

You can also view the database using a convenient interface at:

To create a local copy of the live database:

#create a local CouchDB database
curl -X PUT

#Replicate the live database to your local machine
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"source":"","target":""}'

If you interested in using the dataset in a project, you should read the CouchDB – Definitive Guide and what CouchDB can offer.

About the Developers

Open Elm Project was built and designed by Red Robot Studios.

Red Robot Studios is an Island-based web and mobile software development company who love making great things!

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