Crowdsourced Dutch Elm Disease monitoring

Using the community to protect the Isle of Man’s Elm trees

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Welcome to the Open Elm Project

The Open Elm Project is a collaboration between Red Robot Studios and Isle of Man Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture to create a detailed, public-powered record of the Islands's elm trees to help monitor and control Dutch Elm Disease.

The project is also supporting the local authorities in south east England with their elm population via The Conservation Foundation.

You don’t have to be a expert to take part – just follow the simple tips on how to identify an elm tree, and you can help make a huge difference to save our Island’s elm population.

Between 1968 and 1988 England lost 75% of its elms, and even though Dutch Elm Disease has reached the Isle of Man, effective control has meant that we have lost less than 1% of our elms. However, we need your help to ensure it stays under control.

What you can do to help:

  1. Learn how to spot an elm (see our identification tips)
  2. Use the app or the report form record any elms you see
  3. If you think an elm is infected, report it as quickly as possible

Your reports can really help stop Dutch Elm disease spreading on our beautiful Island.

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